Return, Refund and Cancellation Policies

General Information:

FranksTrade.Com offers you a place to buy, sell and auction various items and services. FranksTrade.Com is not the buyer or seller of any items. Registration at FranksTrade.Com is free. In order to buy any items, you must verify your Identity using phone verification (except in the case of paid membership). In order to sell or auction any item, you must become a Member by paying an annual membership fees. FranksTrade.Com itself does not sell any tangible goods, so we do not have a return policy. Quite simply, there is nothing to return. All goods bought are the original property of the seller and then the property of the buyer. FranksTrade.Com does not at any point own any goods listed or sold on our site or member sites.

Membership Fees:

You must pay the Membership fee and become a Member to operate an on-line store in FranksTrade.Com. This allows you to list and sell items in your store or list items for auction. As part of Registration and/or of Membership Request, you agree to pay NON-RFUNDABLE membership fee. Therefore, the Membership fee is not refundable. FranksTrade.Com membership is for a 12 month period, starting on the day the fee is paid and will automatically renew on the anniversary date you joined.

Lastly, this is a very reasonably priced on-line service and joining FranksTrade.Com should not be a financial burden to you. If the membership fees are not within your budget please do not join at this time. We will not change our refund policy should you find that you require your membership dues back to balance your budget.

Cancellation Policy:

If you decide to no longer be a member, you may cancel your future membership at any time before it is renewed.