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Watch the video of Chickens, Ducks and Pigeons and more using PECk-O-MATIC Demand Feeder at

PECk-O-MATIC Demand Bird Feeder Kit to feed chickens, turkeys, quails, pigeons, doves, pheasants, peafowl, domestic ducks, wild ducks, geese, swans and more.

PECk-O-MATIC Demand Bird Feeder kit is easy to set up simple mechanical system that uses no batteries, electrical power or electronic parts. More importantly, it is fun to watch your birds and fish using PECk-O-MATIC!

PECk-O-MATIC Demand Bird Feeder kit is a highly reliable, on-demand gravity feeder that keeps your feed secure and away from elements and mice. Whether you are using in indoors or outdoors, PECk-O-MATIC Demand Bird Feeder kit engages your birds in pecking and grabbing with its Catch-Dish and thus reduces boredom and aggression.

Note : Assembling is required for this item


PECk-O-MATIC Demand Bird Feeder Kit Includes :

1. One Feeder-Funnel            4.One Catch-Dish-Lock

2. Six Regulator-Disks           5.One Pail-Hanger

3. One Trigger-Rod                6.One Catch-Dish

 Requires one round pail (Not Part of the Kit) with 4 inch hole drilled or cut at the exact bottom center of your pail and requires minor assembly!

Most 5-gallon and some 3 1/2-gallon round plastic pails sold by Home Depot, Walmart, True Value Hardware or your 5-gal empty sanitary paint pails and sheetrock mud pails or Burger King Pickle pails and some steel pails are suitable. The Feeder-Funnel is 10 3/8 inch in diameter. Feeder-Funnel should fit tight towards inside bottom of your pail. You can also use smaller round 2-gal pail but you need to skillfully cut the Feeder-Funnel to fit inside the smaller pail.

PECk-O-MATIC Demand Bird Feeder kit converts a round pail with 4" hole at the bottom center (not part of this kit) into a reliable, waterproof, on-demand gravity feeder which can be used as chicken feeder, turkey feeder, quail feeder, pigeon feeder, dove feeder, pheasant feeder, peafowl feeder, domestic duck feeder, wild duck feeder, geese feeder, swan feeder and more. PECk-O-MATIC can be also used to feed your waterfowl over water.  Depending on the feed type, quantity, and the usage, selects appropriate 'Regulator-Disk' to regulate the amount of feed.

Check out our website for more pictures and information about our product.

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