Item - Package of 30 FeatherEx Premier Box: Live Bird Shipping Boxes (Without Divider) 
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Up for sale is a Package of 30 FeatherEx Premier Boxes to ship your live birds. Price is for all 30 together.


Boxes come glued and 'Ready To Go'. Can assemble in 10 sec.

This does not include divider. Divider allows you to make two compartments in the box. Three boxes tied together makes the largest box you can ship through USPS.

Size of each Premier Box: 18" long x 10" wide x 19" true height
Weight empty: approx. 1 lb, 12 oz.
Total weight must not exceed: 10 lbs

Good for one to many birds depending on the size of your bird. For eg.


Teal and other small ducks – many
Large duck like Eider - 1


Adult size eared pheasant - 1
Impeyan pheasant - 1
 Temminck's Tragopan - 1
Golden pheasants - 2 with a divider


Pigeons - 4 to 6
Old English Bantams - 1
Larger Game Bird - 1
Few passeriformes (Canaries & Finches)

Our Boxes are better -

  • Light weight and durable
  • Easy to assemble. Can assemble in 10 sec.
  • Approved by USPS. Made in the USA.
  • Wider than our competitor's box
  • Better ventilation - Air-vents glued with bio-filter fabric
  • Comes with diagonal divider and bottom insert piece
  • Inspection viewing window for official use to see the condition of the birds
  • Equipped with Tie holes and Easy-to-carry handle

Shipping is available to anywhere in the lower 48 states via FedEx Ground. Shipping and handling charges are additional based on buyer's zip code.
We have a unique listing for customers from AK, PR & HI for buying Package of 10 FeatherEx Boxes.

Check out our website for more pictures and information about our box.

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