One 2014 hatch Proven Breeder Mikado Pheasant Male in full color. 
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I have for sale One 2014 hatch Proven Breeder Mikado Pheasant Male in full color. Shipment will depend upon the temperature at La Fayette, NY and at destination. Refund will be given if there is any casualty while waiting for shipment. He is healthy and in very good condition with no defects.

Shipping is at the buyer's expense (cost of box plus US Postal Service fee).  Shipping is available to anywhere in the lower 48 states and where there is no Lives Embargo for US Postal Service Express Mail.Box and handling cost would be $12. No Local Pickup.

All these birds know how to use PECk-O-MATIC feeders and no feces get in their feed. I love these PECk-O-MATIC feeders. It saves me feeding time and no elements get in the feed and mice cannot get into the feed and birds tend to eat less and stay healthy.Visit to see the video of birds using peckomatic.

When you buy multiple orders, we can tie together upto 3 boxes to save your shipping cost.

US Postal Service shipping fee to buyer's zip code can be calculated using the 'Calculate Shipping Cost' option provided in this page.

Check out our web site for more pictures and information about our birds.

 Picture is taken from wikimedia for your reference only.
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