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       How to keep your duck healthy?


This may sound to be a general topic, but we believe those who raise ducks make sure their ducks are in great shape and good health.

We request our users to post suggestions and tips on keeping ducks healthy so that those who are new to ducks would find this post helpful !! A kind of learning article !!

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when they're ducklings make certain they have enough niacin.  Feed them chick starter in crumble form, As they grow you can switch to pellets, and use Flock grower or another brand of feed just make sure the protien is not too high for ducks or they could get angel wing.  For treats and snacks ducks like meal worms, chopped up greens and peas. cooked sweet potato cooled and chopped.  Never have feed out with no water as ducks must use water to eat.  If they're very small don't have the water too deap or they could drown, as they grow they need enough to submerge their head.  Change their bedding often.  When they feather if you don't have a pond or lake for them then get them a little kiddie pool and keep it clean.  Ducks need water to preen properly.  the area where they walk should not have rough or ragged edges that will hurt their feet or they could be prone to bumble foot.  Ducks are very easy to raise,