Delux cage top play gym-for amazons,greys,mini macaws 
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This all wood hand made, cage top, play set is approx. 23" tall, at the tallest point. The other posts are 19", 18", and 14" tall. The outside dimensions are approx. 18" x 21". The perches are 7/8" and 3/4" in diameters, and has tree caps on the ends to chew on.  It's all made of safe pine wood with hard wood dowel perches. It has a swing, wood chew toys on solid rings with safe sisal rope,  and an 18" ladder. When the toys are chewed off the rings, just add more.

It mounts easily to the cage top with wing nuts and washers. This gym is a very good money saving set. If the toys, ladder, swing, and gym set were purchased separately, it would be very expensive. It would cost $99.00 or more in most stores with out a base. This gym is for large birds like amazons, african greys, mini macaws, and other large birds. It is a large and busy set, and this gym will give your pet or pets many, many hours of fun and pleasure. 

This item will be shipped broken down for cheaper and easier shipping. All you will have to do is assemble 4 dowels and 2 steps to the posts with the screws provided, or a drop of glue. The holes are pre drilled and recessed for safety. See the pictures !!  You will receive typically what you see in the picture. This is a great value for the money. Colors and shapes of the chew toys will vary.

All of our items are hand made and may take 3 to 5 days to complete your order.

All items are cut sanded and assembled in a non smoking environment for your pets safety.

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