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12+BONUS Critically Endangered Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs!
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      Ancona Ducks are listed as Critically Endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory!

      This listing is for 12+up to 4 BONUS Ancona hatching eggs!

      *Eggs gathered, sorted, and only the best fertile eggs are packaged and shipped after payment to ensure freshness*
      Fertility verified weekly!

      My beautiful Ancona's are fed a natural organic diet, they are completely open range, and as lovable as they are adorable!  Open range meaning they have 40+ acres and a large creek to enjoy without fences to keep them in!  They have a duck coop that they go into every night and Great Pyrenese dog that keeps them safe but they are able to go anywhere they want up and down the creek and that makes for very happy birds.  I am selectively breeding for show quality color patterns and consistent white egg production. These ducks make wonderful pets, can be trained to weed your garden for you while giving back to the sustainable cycle and they are prolific egg layers laying up to 280 eggs a year! Hatch them in your incubator or put them underneath one of your broody hens like we have done and approx. 28 days later you have a new little miracle.  A very worthwhile project for youngsters and us "older folk" alike.  It doesn't get much cuter than when momma hen looks at her new little chick(duckling) and realizes her babies are "special"! Contrary to what a lot of people think you don't need a pond to make these ducks happy as long as they have access to enough water to submerge their beaks and they have a safe place at night from predators they will love you! They do not fly and stay very close to home. I have found that Ancona's get along well with other family pets and all of mine have grown up with multiple cats and dogs and have always gotten along well. 

      Since Ancona's are listed as "critically endangered" your help is needed to keep this wonderful heritage breed going! My ducks are beautiful tri-color and black and white colored so you should get very nicely colored birds! This is a pre-sale order and eggs will be collected the same day auction ends and/or day shipped.  For this reason it could be a couple days after auction ends before shipping.  I do this to ensure only the freshest eggs get shipped to you! I currently have 10hens laying and 3drakes and so every egg should be fresh and fertile but I do a fertility test every week when I set any unsold eggs in my cabinet incubator! Also I will do my very best to ensure safe transport with no broken eggs and if by the small chance it does happen because the postal service is to rough, please message me and I will try to accommodate however for this reason hatching egg auctions are sold as is with no refunds. I will not ship to Alaska or Hawaii or any states that forbid me to.  Thanks for looking and HAPPY BIDDING!

      Video of my ducks availible at :


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