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Auctions Help

How to Pay?


When the auction closes, high bidder or the buyer will receive a winner confirmation email. At the same time, seller will get a sold confirmation mail.


This item will be listed in ‘My Account > Purchased’ screen in buyer login and in ‘My Account > Sold’ screen in seller login.


Frankstrade.com lets its buyers to pay for item using secure online payment methods like PayPal or Credit Card or Debit Card. When you do this, money will be transferred to seller’s paypal account.




  • To accept payment from buyers, seller must ensure that his Paypal UserID is filled in his Frankstrade Account Settings. If not, seller can add the same by clicking on ‘My Account > Edit Profile’.
  • If seller has not updated his PayPal User ID, buyer will get an alert message when he tries to pay online. Buyer can then contact seller and make arrangements for payments.


How to Pay Online?


  1. Buyer can login and go to ‘My Account > Purchased’.
  2. Either click on the link 'Pay in Full Now' of this particular item which is highlighted in green OR click on the ‘Order Details’ of the item and use 'Pay In Full Now' option.
  3. Confirm your shipping address and include note to seller (if any).
  4. You can choose to pay using PayPal. However, if you don't have a PayPal account, you can choose the ‘Create a PayPal Account‘ and pay with your debit or credit card, or with PayPal Credit. If you use a credit card, seller or Frankstrade don't see your card number and hence it is also a safe and secure mode of payment.
  5. After payment, money will be transferred to seller’s paypal account.
  6. After payment, buyer can click on the link -    to return to Transaction Details page. The seller will receive an email telling you've paid and seller will ship the item.


How to Track Payments?


  1. All payments are tracked in ‘My Account > Money Manager > Buyer Seller Transactions’.


How to Contact Seller in case of any clarifications regarding payment from seller?


  1. In case of any clarifications from seller, you can use the option 'Contact Seller' found against the corresponding item in 'My Account > Purchased' screen OR click on ‘Order Details’ of this item and use 'Send Message' option.



How can seller mark the item as paid when buyer pays via cash in instances like local pickup or others?


If buyer makes payment via check, direct payment, etc, then seller can mark the payment as paid in Order Details using the Mark as Paid option. For this,


  1. Seller can login and go to ‘My Account > Sold’ screen.
  2. Click on Order Details of the corresponding item.
  3. Enter the Payment received date and click on Mark as Paid.
  4. Seller can add note (if needed) and click on Update Payment.
  5. Payment status changes to Paid.

How can seller/buyer add Private Notes corresponding to an item?


Both buyer and seller have the option to add Private notes for their own reference. These notes will not be displayed for anyone else. For this,


  1. Seller can login and go to ‘My Account > Sold’ screen OR Buyer can login and go to ‘My Account > Purchased’ screen.
  2. Click on ‘More Actions > Add Note’ of the corresponding item and click on Add. OR click on Order Details, enter the Private Notes and click on Update.
  3. All private notes thus added can be viewed from the Order Details.


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