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What are Stores?

When you become a member on frankstrade.com, you will get an online store which is valid for one year.

Store Settings:

You can add your Store Name, give a description and upload a picture of your Store from My Account > My Store > Store Settings.

Store Name: Initially, when the store is enabled, the name of your store will be your User ID itself. You can change the Store Name as you wish.

Store Description: You can describe the highlights of your store.

Store Meta Description: A brief and concise summary of your store.

Store Logo: You can upload a picture of your store.

After you make the changes, click on Save Store Settings.

Other details of your store can also be viewed from here:

Store Subscription: Your store is active for one year (365 days).

Last Subscription Payment: Date on which your store was enabled/reactivated.

Next Subscription Payment: Date on which your store expires.

Plan Items: Total number of listings bought from frankstrade.com

Total Items Listed: Total number of items listed so far.

Your Store URL: frankstrade.com provides a unique URL for your store. This provides an easy way for buyers to find your store on the internet.

Store Pages:

You can design your own Store Page by filling the following fields:

For this, go to My Account > My Store > Store Pages.

All you need to do is Select Store Page and type the Page Content.

Once you have finished with this, click on Save Page.

If you wish to disable your store at any point of time, you can do this by disabling the checkbox Enabled.

Store Categories:

Frankstrade.com provides you with a wide range of categories. From these categories, you can choose the Categories that best suit your store. For this, go to My Account > My Store > Store categories.

Select the Category from Store Site Categories and click on Add. If you want to remove any category, select it and click on Remove. After adding/removing the desired categories, click on Save Categories.

These categories will be displayed in your Store View as shown below:


If you wish to add your own Store Category, type the category name in Create Custom Categories field and click on Save Categories. You can list your items within this custom category also.

If you want to remove the custom category that you have added, select the same from Delete Custom Categories and click on Delete. After this, save the changes made.

After listing an item from Sell page, ensure that you have added this category in Store Categories so that items will be displayed in the respective category in the Your Store also.

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