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About Us

www.frankstrade.com is developed and owned by Spectrum Software Solutions Inc. frankStrade.com is your online storefront specializing in what you are. Whether you are raising birds or small animals, selling electronics or tools, or just want to get rid of some items, frankStrade lets you do it without breaking your bank. frankStrade is also a valuable asset to increase the internet presence for small businesses providing services such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, carpentry etc.

All sellers,bidders and buyers (except in the case of paid membership) in frankStrade need to verify their identity using phone verification to make sure we know who is bidding or buying and to reduce issues with delinquent users. Identity verification is a hassle free process where you would receive a verification code from us via text or voice call as per you have chosen.

Once you verify your identity, you can start bidding and buying on things that you are interested in. In case you do not see the item that you are looking for, just 'Post a want ad' and we will help you find sellers for the same.

frankStrade lets you have your own internet store and auction any items for a small annual membership fee of $24. Annual membership allows you to have 10 revolving listings at a time for one full year. For example, if you normally list an item for three days, this membership allows you to have 1216 listings in one year at no additional cost. This means each listing cost you less than 2 cents. As a promotional offer, we offer a trial membership for 4 months at no cost for all our registered users.

At frankStrade.com, you get to keep 100% of your sales proceeds. frankStrade does not take any percentage or fees from your sale proceeds.

Contact Us:

3522 James St., Ste. 100
Syracuse, NY 13206
Phone: 315-362-9898
Fax: 315-457-5125
E-mail: support@frankstrade.com
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