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Auctions Help

How do I sell an item?

Selling an item with frankstrade.com is easy:

1. Register and Become a Member.

In order to sell on frankstrade.com, you must first Register and then become a member.

2. Click on the ‘Sell’.


3. Fill out the item submission page.

Here's a quick list of the information you need to provide on the submission page:

  • Category: Choose the appropriate category for your item. Be as specific as possible when locating the correct category -- this will help potential bidders find your item. Make sure you double click on the appropriate categoryto select it.


  • Title - Describe your item in a simple, straightforward way. Clear, accurate titles help buyers find what they're looking for.


  • Description - Provide salient information such as the items age, condition, origin, and other details. The more information you provide, the more informed buyers will be.


  • Photos – Browse and upload pictures of the item to our server. Also, you can use the available images in our server. For this click on 'Show Stock Images'. And if you are interested to add your image to our stock image list, select the check box 'Add this image you own to Stock Image'.


  • Item Location - Select the location of the item from the drop-down. This dropdown will list all the shipping addresses that you have entered from ‘My Account > Manage Shipping Address’.


  • Listing Type - It can be auction, fixed price or private sale listing type. View examples

  1. An Auction means to sell something through a bidding system. In auction-style listing type, you need to set Starting Bid, which is the starting price for your item when bidding opens. We suggest that you set this as low as possible to encourage bidding. Although a low starting price encourages users to bid, you can protect yourself from selling an item for too low of a price by setting a Reserve Price. This is the minimum amount you will sell the item for. If left blank, no reserve will be used.You can also set a Buy It Now price and so buyers can purchase right away (with no bidding)

  2. Fixed price means to sell something at a fixed price. You can set a Buy It Now price so buyers can purchase right away.

    •  GoodTill Cancel:It allows your listing to automatically get renewed until all quantities sold or canceled by you.

  3. Private Sale means to sell the item privately to a particular buyer the seller chooses to. Only that buyer will be able to buy this item. The Private Sale option requires either the Frankstrade UserID or the Phone number of the buyer the seller choose to.Learn More

  •  BuyerID: Enter the User ID if you know the exact BuyerID of the person the seller choose to in the text area.

  •  Phone: Enter the Phone number into the text area and search for the Buyer.

  • Quantity - Enter the number of items submitted for sale. View examples

  • Start Time: You can either leave the date and time unchanged to start the sale immediately, or set to schedule it to start at a future date and time.

  • Duration - You can select the number of days that your listing will be active. (from 3,5,7,10,30,60,180 days).


  • Sales Tax: If sales tax is applicable for the item you are listing, tick the checkbox, select the state and enter the corresponding sales tax percentage.           

  • Is it a presale?: If you need a deposit for the item, you may tick the checkbox, choose whether Deposit is required or not and choose the deposit amount percentage. Once the item is sold, Frankstrade will alert buyer to pay deposit. This deposit amount is the x% of the total item price.


4. Shipping And Handling

Specify the shipping and handling information here.

  • Shipping Options: You can either set to Charge a Flat Cost or Actual Cost or Local Pickup Only.


  • Charge A Flat Cost - You need to enter the Carrier, Package Type, Service and Shipping Cost paid by Buyer.

  • Calculate Actual Cost - You need to enter the Carrier, Package Type, Weight, Dimension, Service and Shipping Cost paid by Buyer.

If you have selected the Carrier as US Postal Service, then you may specify if buyer needs to charged online or PO Price as shipping cost. Also, specify If the package is Non Rectangular or not.

  • Local Pickup Only - If you prefer local pickup for your item, you may choose the Local Pickup Only option.

  • Handling and Box Cost: Enter the cost for box and handling the shipment.

  • Also, you can enter Shipping instructions, if any.



5. Optional Fields:

You can choose your listing preferences here. These will be posted on your listing for buyers to view.

Item Type:This option is required to autofill Form 3-186. Form 3-186 is required for migratory waterfowl. View examples

Hide Bidder Details: Enabling this option would hide the identity of bidders on your listing page.

Auto Resubmit: In the event that your listing does not close with a winner we can automatically resubmit it for you.

Auto Extend: Auto Extend feature allows the auction closing to be delayed if there is any last minute bidding or buying activity.

Payment Methods: Select the desired payment mode and include payment instructions (if any).

Return Policy: Specify the return period, refund method and return instructions (if any).

Enhancements to your listings: When you list your item for sale, you can choose several enhancement options to promote your listing. These options have non-refundable fees. These options include:

  • Sub Title: Increase your visibility by displaying more information about your item under your listing title.
  • Bold: Boldface lettering adds instant emphasis to your listing
  • Home Page Featured: Receive the highest level of visibility. Your item will most likely be displayed on our Home page. It will be showcased in a special featured items section.
  • Featured Plus: Your item will be featured in a special section that appears on top of our category listings and search results pages.
  • Great Gift icon: Gift icon appear next to your listing title in the listing pages. This indicates that your item makes a great gift.
  • Gallery: Features your item within the Gallery. Enter the Gallery picture website address or leave blank and your Gallery picture will be the first picture you upload.

You may view the Help section Fees to know more about this.

4. Save Listing as Template - The details that you have entered to submit your item for sale can be saved as a template with a name of your choice.


In future, when you submit similar items for sale, you can use this saved template by selecting the template name from dropdown and click on ‘Apply Template’.


5. Preview Your Listing - After you've filled out the submission page, go through the Disclaimer and click on Preview, you'll see a preview of your auction. Take the time to look your page over carefully for typos, broken images, and bad links. If in case, you wish to reset the fields that you have entered, simply click on ‘Reset’.


6. Submit your listing - Click on the ‘Submit your listing’ button to list your item for sale. However, if you wish to make any changes, click on ‘Make changes’ and then submit your listing.


Once your listing is submitted, your auction is now live!




Where can I find the item I listed for sale now?

You can view the items submitted for listing in 'My Account > Active Selling'.


How do I submit a similar item for sale?

Go to 'My Account > Active Selling' and click on ‘Copy’ andsubmit your item for sale.


How do I edit my active listing?

Go to 'My Account > Active Selling' andclick on ‘Edit’.


The item is no longer available for sale. How do I cancel my active listing?

Go to 'My Account > Active Selling' andclick on ‘Cancel Item’.

If the item has received at least a single bid, you cannot cancel your item. You may Cancel Bids first and then cancel your item.


How do I cancel bids?

Go to 'My Account > Active Selling' and click on ‘Cancel Bids’


How do I end my listing earlier and sell my item at the Current Price?

Go to 'My Account > Active Selling' andclick on ‘End Now’. When you end this item, the item would be sold to the highest bidder at the Current Price.


Where can I view my Sold Item?

Go to 'My Account > Sold’ to view your Sold Item.

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