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Auctions Help

How do I bid?

Bidding on frankstrade.com auctions is easy. Just follow the steps below:

    1.First, register with frankstrade.com.

    2.Search for a specific item or browse the various auctions categories. When you find something that you want and if you wish to place bid on any item, you are required to sign into frankstrade.com. After signing in, enter ‘Your Maximum Bid’ in the box provided on that item's auction page. Maximum Bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay.
    Sometimes, seller would sell items as a pair or as a lot only. For example, 'a pair of red golden pheasants', 'a lot of 4 cinnamon teal duck eggs' , etc. In such cases, seller will enter the Quantity as 1. In this case also, buyer is required to enter 'Your Maximum Bid' only. This bid is applicable for the pair/lot.

    3.Click on "Review Bid." You'll get one of the following confirmation messages:

    • High Bid confirmation: You have placed the highest bid! If you wish to cancel your bid, you must do it from the 'Review Bid' page itself. Once a bid has been confirmed, however, it cannot be retracted.
    • Outbid confirmation: We're sorry, another user has placed a higher bid. If you are still interested in this item, please return to the auction page and place a new bid.
    • Bid is below reserve price confirmation: In some cases, a seller may set a reserve price. This is the lowest price the seller is willing to accept. Any bid less than the reserve price will not be able to win the auction. This is indicated by ‘reserve not met’ next to Current Bid. If reserve price is not met and you would like to bid again, please return to the auction page and enter a higher amount. Once reserve price is met, it is indicated by ‘reserve met’ next to Current Bid.

    4.Once you've reviewed your bid and confirmed that everything is in order, click on "Place Bid." This is the final step to submit your bid.

    5.Once you have placed your bid, you will receive a bidding confirmation e-mail to your e-mail ID.

    6.As you wait for the auction to close, you will receive notifications if you have been outbid. You can always return to the auction page and enter a higher bid.

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