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PRE-SALE 2016 - A lot of 2 Impeyan hatching eggs
About hilltopeggs16
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Registered: 02/26/2016
Location: La Fayette, NY
Country: US US

Price: US $119
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Started: Friday, March 04, 2016 02:22 AM
Ends: Sunday, March 20, 2016 07:20 AM
Current Time: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 02:19 PM
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Location: La Fayette, NY 13084
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      Reserve eggs for hatching now!!!

      This is a PRE-SALE offer for a lot of 2 Impeyan hatching eggs. Price is for this lot of eggs. These eggs are from our proven breeder pairs. Whenever available, eggs will be taken from different pairs to give you unrelated eggs.

      Our breeders came from different unrelated bloodlines. All our adult birds are raised in multiple large stress free aviaries which mean better fertility. Please see pictures of our aviaries on our website.  The eggs you would receive are NOT washed or sanded which would reduce their hatch rate. We have high hatch rate here at the farm but cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to many variables beyond our control such as shipping, incubators, methods of incubation and your handling. Please allow your eggs to rest overnight before setting. As with all exotic pheasant eggs, they hatch better if you set them under a broody chicken. If you are interested in learning more about "hatching eggs", there are many good books. Check with your local library or search on-line for books and other sources of information.


      Sorry, NO Local Pickup due to insurance reasons; only Shipping. No combined shipment. "You don't want all your eggs in one box".

      Eggs will be shipped as they become available in the order they are purchased and paid for (FIRST COME FIRST SERVED). THESE EGGS ARE NON-RETURNABLES (NO RETURN). As always, if there aren’t enough eggs or no egg, your money will be refunded. Eggs will be shipped as soon as they are available. Please be aware that we have no control over whether and when these birds lay. In our area (Central NY), depending on the weather, birds start laying from early April to July. IF THEY START TO LAY SOONER WE WOULD SHIP SOONER. In order to eliminate the possibility of eggs being stuck in a post-office over the weekend, we ship eggs on Mondays & Tuesdays. Once the eggs leave our hands we have no control over how the post office would treat them. We would pack your eggs well enough to prevent damage from normal postal handling. Sorry, we will not be responsible for lost/damaged eggs. Shipping and handling charges are additional. Shipping is available to anywhere in the lower 48 states via US Postal Service Priority Mail.


      Picture is of my adult bird for your reference only.

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