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Item - Package of 4 Bird Faucet (birdfaucet) : Bird Waterer for young and adult birds
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Registered: 05/24/2014
Location: Syracuse, NY
Country: US US

We are a family owned, small-scale business located in Syracuse, NY. After the great success of our Pet carrier FeatherEx, we decided to make another impression in the market by introducing one Demand Feeder which would be your best choice to feed y
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Started: Monday, January 01, 2024 12:00 AM
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Location: SYRACUSE, NY 13206
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      Bird Faucet

      Bird Faucet is an innovative way to provide fresh, clean water "on demand" to your flock.  It is Easy, Clean, Reliable, and Inexpensive. Water all your young and adult birds. It can be used as Chicken Waterer, Pheasant Waterer, Pigeon Waterer, Partridge Waterer, Turkey Waterer, Quail Waterer and more.


      Check out our website www.birdfaucet.com for more pictures, how to use and more details about Bird Faucet. 

      Key Facts

      • Spend less time watering your birds and more time enjoying them!
      • Cut your bird watering chore to a few minutes per week!
      • Easily medicate your birds using Bird Faucet


      What all do you need for BirdFaucets installation

      • If you are using 5 gallon pail or bigger barrel to supply water to Bird Faucets
        • Stand or hanger or platform
        • 10 feet to 100s of feet of 1/2" poly tube.
        • 1/2 inch poly tube fittings and Ts and elbows.
        • 1/2 inch bulkhead fitting
        • Plastic ties or 1/2 inch hose clamps


      • If you are connecting to your house water line through a garden hose spigot or any other method.
        • A backflow preventor.
        • Pressure Reducing or Pressure Regulating Valve.
        • 10 feet to 100s of feet of 1/2" poly tube.
        • 1/2 inch¬† poly tube fittings and Ts and elbows.
        • Plastic ties or 1/2 inch hose clamps

        Shipping is available via USPS First Class Package.

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      Package weight: 4 Oz
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      Shipping Service: USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 business days)
      Shipping Cost: Buyer pays a Flat Cost of US $3.
      Handling and box cost: US $0.00
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