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Live & Active Probiotics + Vitamins for Birds (16 oz)
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Registered: 10/30/2016
Location: Duette, FL
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      Boost Egg Production and a Higher hatch rate with our LIVE & ACTIVE PROBIOTICS + VITAMINS

      The truth is, all animals (including humans) have good bacteria in and on their bodies that helps protect against parasites and numerous bad bacteria. But when that good bacteria count becomes lower, the bad bacteria takes over and the birds health is affected. This may happen any time but most likely when the bird is stressed during environmental change. change in diet or when their immune system is compromised.

      By adding our Probiotic/Multivitamin and Multimineral complex to the birds diet, you will ensure that the good bacteria in the stomach will be in balance. This will help restore the good bacteria count in the digestive tract and help birds absorb the nutrients it needs. It will also improve birds overall immune system.

      Our product is the only one out there that contains LIVE & ACTIVE good bacteria cultures. It contains numerous strains of good bacteria which means better chance of eliminating the bad. This product contains all three necessary elements to improve health:   PreBiotics, ProBiotics and PostBiotics. 

      Great for all birds, adult and chicks.

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