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NPIP French White Muscovy X 6 eggs!
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Registered: 03/02/2013
Location: Sugar Grove, NC
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      *NPIP certified!!!*

      *Eggs gathered and shipped same day to ensure freshness*
      Fertility verified weekly!
      Pictures are all of my Muscovy's and are of the same line as you will receive! These are not stock photos.  These are French Bred to produce a larger "meat bird" and they get big quick! Females can get up to 9lbs. and Males up to 15lbs. in 13-15weeks!  My birds came from PA breeding stock and are very very sweet!  They don't make a bunch of noise like a duck, heck they don't even quack!  The males sound like a dog panting when they are all happy and they wiggle their tail back and forth. Mine act more like a sweet puppy dog than they do birds.  Except like I said no barking or quacking from these "silent ducks".  Just very sweet and very friendly!

      *Auction is for 6X French White Muscovy Hatching Eggs.*

      Duckling shipping now available from my website WOWSAFARM.COM!

      My beautiful Muscovy are fed 100% organic diet, they are completely open range, and as lovable as they are adorable!  Open range meaning they have 40+ acres and a large creek to enjoy without fences to keep them in!  They have a coop that they go into every night and Great Pyrenese dog that keeps them safe but they are able to go anywhere they want up and down the creek and that makes for very happy birds.  They eat everything from mosquitos to ticks off the backs of your various farm animals.  They make wonderful pets and can be trained to weed your garden for you while giving back to the sustainable cycle.  They are also recognized by chef's worldwide as a very lean and healthy culinary delight! Hatch them in your incubator or put them underneath one of your broody hens like we have done and approx. 35 days later you have a new little miracle.  A very worthwhile project for youngsters and us "older folk" alike. I have found they get along well with other family pets and all of mine have grown up with multiple cats and dogs and have always gotten along well. They are very gentle and I couldn't imagine them being aggressive toward anyone even a small child. These ducks do have the ability to fly if their wings are not clipped(I DO NOT DO THIS) however the males can just barely get off the ground a few feet going down hill because they are so heavy and the females are fairly good flyers however neither will stray very far from their safe place with food and water.  If you do not want them to fly you can clip the 3rd section of wing on one side and that prevents flight.  Like I said though we do not clip wings and our birds stay with us by choice.  They are completely free and if they really wanted to leave they could as we have no fences keeping them in.  I have completely fallen in LOVE with my Muscovy and if I could only have one type of animal on the farm it wouldn't be a hard choice.  The Muscovy wins hands down! 

      * I do not ship Muscovy eggs to Alaska, Hawaii, or anywhere that prohibits it! *

      *Return Policy* If you receive any broken eggs please document it and let me know so I can send replacements however buyer pays shipping for replacement eggs damaged due to shipping *

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